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The customary gratuity amount for the tour industry is as follows:

  • $6 or more per person for each Tour Manager and driver on one-day tours
  • $10 or more per person for each Tour Manager and driver on multi-day tours

Please keep in mind, the Tour Manager works 12-14 hours on the day of the tour and also spends 4-8 hours preparing narration and researching destinations prior to departure. Because of the long work days and the amount of preparation required for each tour, the Tour Managers are rarely assigned more than three or four day tours per month, so they usually work multiple jobs in order try to make up the equivalent of full-time pay.

On an overnight tour, the Tour Manager is on call 24-hours per day and works hard to coordinate rooming assignments, luggage, work with service providers, prepare and deliver each day’s narration, and deal with unexpected issues that can present themselves at any time, day or night.


However, the practice of tipping is a personal decision and the amount should always be determined by each individual based on the quality of service provided.