November 14, 2018

A Day at Pasadena’s Rose Bowl Flea Market

Retirement Practice # 61 had me riding the bus north with DayTripper Tours Tour Manager Keri and driver Bernie. Our destination was the Rose Bowl Flea Market. One can never have too many fleas, right? Off we went with all the eager shoppers. And speaking of shopping, Keri showed us the brand new backpacks from DayTrippers. I checked it out and it was the perfect size to use when I was off the bus, plus there was room to hold what I might pick up along the way so I got one!

With all the fires in SoCal, we weren’t really quite sure how the air quality would be but it wasn’t bad at all. It actually was a nice day to wander around the Rose Bowl Stadium. On the bus ride up the not crowded on a Sunday freeways, Keri gave us a scavenger list of 29 items to find. I came in second finding 17 of them. It was fun looking for the somewhat strange items and it gave me a chance to interact with the vendors and all that made the wandering more fun. By the way, when was the last time you had seen Gumby, a snow globe, a Michael Jackson cassette tape, a slinky and a Sony Walkman? Can’t remember? Me either, I rest my case. LOL, it was fun looking for them though.

In fact, going on the bus gave us VIP parking right by the entrance. Once inside the parking lot area, we noticed booths of most everything you can think of all around the stadium including the other parking lots. This is the biggest flea market that I’ve ever been to. And on a side note, we had access to all the restrooms that the football crowd has and that meant no lines ladies!

But seriously, there was something for everyone. Keri, shopper extraordinaire, had prepped us on the way up, explaining what was in each section. There was the antique & collectibles, vintage, arts and crafts and new and general merchandise. Once we got there, we each received a color coded map and post card. Very easy to find your way around.

Part way through the day, we were offered a trip to downtown Pasadena to walk about on our own and to get lunch. A lot of folks took the bus to do just that. I opted to stay and went to their outdoor booths “food court” by the entrance. I was looking for anything chicken and found the teriyaki and rice. Yummy. There was also BBQ and burgers, Mexican offerings and a range of other options. And, picnic tables. Yes. A time to relax after doing a lap around the stadium plus they had live relaxing music.

Eventually it was time to head to the bus. We needed to go to Pasadena to pick up the rest of the group. Along the way, Keri shared some interesting facts about Pasadena. We even passed the Gamble House. That is another DayTripper Tour which I have never been on, but now that she pointed it out, I am interested. And did you know that they have already started setting up the stands for the Rose Bowl Parade? Yes, the one happening next year on 1 Jan. That is another DayTripper Tour. They take many buses for the parade, as well as trips to see the floats. Oh, and did I mention, that it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet? Guess it takes a long time to put those metal stands together.

We made it back to San Diego in record time it being Sunday and all. The ride back was much quieter. I think everyone was as pooped as I was. Thanks Daytripper Tours and Keri for a fun day. Looking forward to Retirement Practice # 62…

~ DayTripper Traveler Donna Grover
Tour: Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena
Date: November 11, 2018


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