September 1, 2017

An Afternoon in Motor City: Motown Tribute Show

21231048_10213943640331286_433592951594294631_nIf you are on vacation and you take a daycation with DayTripper Tours is it still called “Retirement Practice?” YES IT IS! And did we ever have fun. I was so ready for this trip that I was at my pickup location almost an hour early. I was not going to miss the bus. Pretty soon I saw David turn the corner, pull up and park and then someone stepped off the bus and easily transported us back to 1960. With her pink hair, pink hat, white shades, multicolored jacket, wild jewelry and nails, matching shoes and blouse, Tour Director, Keri was ready to party. We boarded to the sounds of Motown, settled in and were off to gather more folks and head north.

But first we eat! We stopped at Applebee’s in Fountain Valley. I wasn’t expecting much, just was hungry. After a slow start, the plates were placed before us and soon my grilled lemon chicken appeared – then disappeared – quickly. It was really yummy! As we left, James, the General Manager, thanked us for coming and gave each of us a water bottle to take on the bus. How cool was that? Nice touch. I told him how much I enjoyed the meal, as evidenced by the “wiped-clean plate”. We lucked out because he said that all of our meal options had come from their signature dishes.

21167446_10213943641811323_8820861858291266818_oAnd off we go to the Huntington Beach Central Library Theatre. I had never been there before and didn’t know what to expect. We walked into the building and just down the hall was the door to the theatre. It is small and intimate room with 319 fixed auditorium seats. A perfect venue for an up close and personal performance. We had excellent 5th row seats. The “Tribute to the Music of Motown: Motor City Nights” show started with Ventriloquist Willie and his very stiff partner, Lester. They were hilarious. As hosts, Willie and Lester introduced us to tribute artists as Marvin Gaye, Whitney Houston and The Supremes. The special musical guest was Richie Merritt who was formally with the Clover’s and The Marcels. I was trying to be on my best behavior, but I couldn’t sit still. My feet were tapping and my hands were moving whether I was clapping or not. The performers were rocking that stage and it was so hard to stay in my seat. But I did. Listening to those old tunes brought back some great memories of growing up. Amazing that I still remember most of the words.

21167981_10213943640531291_2131558526219713137_oAll to soon we had to leave, but not before I had my picture taken with my favorite singers, the Supremes. That was awesome! So, back on the bus we go. The bus pointed south and pretty soon we arrived at the drop off points and everyone went home. I bet if you were to ask folks, they were left with the same feelings me. Plenty of memories and a wonderful day. Thanks Keri for a setting the mood, providing the videos, especially the Bruno Mars one with the dancers and the personally made Motown inspired crossword puzzle. I figured out all but 5 clues. Well, me and my seat mate “iPad” that is. He, he. Even using my tablet, which someone said was cheating, I still couldn’t figure them all out. She made a great puzzle.

And at the end of the day, between the awesome food choices, great seats and stuff, I want to give thanks to all the folks in the Daytripper office. All those folks who are “behind the scenes” making the phone calls, ordering the tickets, coordinating the choices for lunch, lining up the buses etc. Without all of you doing what you do, we wouldn’t be able to have all the fun that we have. So, my hat’s off to you. Thank you.

I already have a September and an October trip lined up. Want to join me? Check out their upcoming tours at
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21151227_10213943642331336_2485925940947247797_nDayTripper Traveler Donna Grover
Tour: Motor City Nights: Motown Tribute Show

Date: August 31, 2017


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