July 31, 2018

Annual Ho’olaule’a Hawaiian Festival in Lawndale

Retirement Practice #56 and I came home with sand between my toes. I’ll explain. Yesterday DayTripper Tours Tour Manager Christina “ALOHA” and driver Ernesto took us on a fun filled day trip up to a little place called Lawndale for the HO’OLAULE’A Hawaiian Festival and later to the Redondo Beach Pier. Every time we stopped to pick up passengers, we were greeted by a big “ALOHA” from Christina and a leis from Ernesto. How cool was that? Once on the bus Christina would say “ALOHA” and we responded in kind. We kept getting louder as the bus was getting fuller. The mood was set and we were ready to have fun. This was my second time on this trip. I enjoyed it so much last year, I wanted to come back.

Along the way north, Christina let us all sniff the beautiful plumeria that she had picked from her garden that morning. It smelled heavenly. She also shared some pictures of other flowers and information about Hawaii to get us even more excited about the festival. One thing that I really enjoy about all these Daytripper trips is that we always receive background information of the place we are going to visit. It makes the event that much more enjoyable and interesting.

So we pull up to the festival and looked out the windows of the bus and saw a sea of white tents. Ernesto lined all our chairs up against the fence for us to pick up and Christina was ready with a spray can of sun screen. Thanks Christina for thinking about that. Gathering our portable chairs we headed in. First thing on my mind was to find some food. I scoured the food tents till I found the one with the chicken, salad and rice. Collecting my to-go container I wandered over to where I could see one of the stages.

I could see the dancers, listen to the relaxing music and enjoy my lunch. After a while I got up and checked out all the vender booths. I had a great time just visiting with folks. At one tent, I spied a sea turtle that looked like he wanted to come home with me and the little Honu did. So cute. A few tents down, I saw several ukuleles. I’ve been thinking of getting one since some of our guests at the homeless shelter I volunteer at, play them. I was hooked and spent a lot of time with that vendor and came home with my very own ukulele. I have never played a string instrument so this should be interesting. I was even practicing the notes on the bus on the way home. Not actually strumming the instrument, just trying to contort my short stubby fingers into position on the neck of the ukulele.

Folks kind of went their own ways and I wasn’t hanging out with anyone, but all the people I interacted with were very friendly and I think that says a lot about the culture. Also glad I brought my chair. It was optional, but it was nice to relax and just enjoy the dances on the stage. The time seemed to go by quickly and to soon it was time to get on the bus and on to part 2 of the trip.

Okay, truth here, when I read “Redondo Beach Pier” my mind heard sand and surf. I actually spent a good 30 minutes just relaxing and getting my feet wet… well and the bottom of my shorts wet as well. That part was an accident… really. Never take your eyes off the surf to take a picture of the crowd or the pier. He, he. All good, I’m used to getting my shorts wet when I go to Ocean Beach and walk in the water. And to get the full experience of the ocean, one must walk back to the sidewalk through the sand with wet feet and put their sandals on. The sand is part of the experience and is not to be brushed off. Looking around, I was the only one on the bus who went in the water… they missed out.

I did manage to wander around the pier and what a magnificent pier it was. I’ve never seen a pier where you could keep walking in one direction and eventually come back to land. Pretty cool. It is like a giant square horseshoe. The end of the horseshoe is wider and they use that area for concerts. Wouldn’t it be awesome to hear a concert there? Along the sides of the pier folks were fishing. There were plenty of souvenir stores, places to eat, even an El Torito, ever heard of it? I even spied a place that sold churitos… and ice cream… and chocolate in the same dish and it looked pretty good. Okay, so I had one and it was good. LOL, it was okay cause I ate it while walking the pier so the calories just fell off as I moved. Right?

I did walk back to the bus with a little bit of sand between my toes but I reckon if you offer a trip to the pier and I’m on it, you gotta figure my feet WILL get wet at some point and the sand WILL be stuck to my feet. That is the way I roll. LOL. Yesterday was a great day with some walking and a lot of relaxing. Thanks Christina “ALOHA and ALOHA” and Ernesto “Mr. mad driver skills extraordinaire when trying to park the bus at the pier” for a wonderful daycation trip.

Love my Daytripper family and am looking forward to my next trip. Yes, I’m still working. I usually try to space them out and take one trip a month. In the past four days, I’ve taken two trips. Well, on Tuesday, I’m going again on Retirement Practice # 57. Headed to Hollywood for an exciting and brand new trip to the “Iconic Hollywood Theatres Tour”. Looking forward to that. Check out their catalogue or click on the hyperlink above and check out their trips. Lots of good ones coming up. I already have 5 more booked including the over the road trip to Yosemite. If you’ve never been on a trip (what are you waiting for?) send me a pm and I’ll help you get a discount on your first one. Till then… see you on the bus!

~ DayTripper Traveler Donna Grover
Tour: Hawaiian Festival & Redondo Beach Pier
Date: July 21, 2018


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