January 28, 2019

World-Class Art & Perfect Weather at the Getty Center Museum

We could not have asked for a more beautiful day to visit the awe-inspiring Getty Center!  If you have not been let me tell you that the outdoor landscape and the architecture of the buildings rival the beauty of the museum’s art collection.  With so much to see at the Getty Center, a full day almost doesn’t cut it! Many of our guests informed me that this was not their first trip to the Getty, nor would it be their last.  There is an amazing permanent collection accompanied by exciting new visiting exhibits. Mother nature, through her changing seasons, assures us that each time we visit the outdoor gardens will be a completely different experience.  The Getty Center really is a beautiful marriage of nature and human artistry.

Many of my first time guests asked me what the must see piece of art would be.  I urged them to see Van Gogh’s Irises. It is the most celebrated piece in the Getty Center’s collection and rightfully so!  I have always admired Van Gogh’s work but to see it in real life took my admiration to a whole new level. Seeing the texture of the brushstrokes brought this painting to life and made it appear almost three dimensional.  The experience of seeing an actual Van Gogh piece and seeing a photo of his paintings is incomparable! To have your own eyes meet this masterpiece from 1889 is reason enough to come to the Getty Center.

My favorite exhibit was the photography work of Sally Mann, gorgeous black and white photos of families and children in nature.  I interpreted it as a love letter to the natural landscapes of our country. It also reminded me of how humans are connected to nature.  I really grasped Sally’s love for the natural world and her appreciation of human connection. After speaking with the guests it seemed like the antique furniture was a crowd favorite. There were exhibits with ornate bedrooms, dining rooms, and drawing rooms completely set up and fully furnished from floor to ceiling.  It was like stepping into another period of time, complete immersion.

The Getty is huge and there’s so much to see, you can really work up an appetite strolling around the beautiful grounds.  No trip to the Getty would be complete without grabbing a meal at the Cafe. The Getty also offers a formal, sit-down dining experience but I prefer the casual cafeteria style Cafe. So many choices, from burgers to pho.  You can dine all around the world in one place. I noticed that most of our guests also preferred the relaxed freedom of the cafe. It was a beautiful day to take your tray outside and dine in the garden area! Oh I almost forgot to mention the view!  WOW! From the top floor lookouts we could see Catalina Island in the sparkling waters of the Pacific! I spent most of my time outdoors soaking up the sun and marveling at the ocean from such great heights! I especially enjoyed being out there on the terrace to witness each guest’s reaction as they exited the museum to behold the work of the world’s greatest artist, mother nature!

~ Johnny DeVenio
DayTripper Tour Manager

Tour: J. Paul Getty Center Museum in Brentwood
Date: January 26, 2019


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