October 10, 2017

Friends, Wine & Good Times in Mexico’s Guadalupe Valley

bae17b4c1c730070Good friends, good wine, good times is what DayTripper Tours guests were saying after a wonderful Fall day spent in Guadalupe Valley, Mexico just south of the border. 

The weather was perfect as we started our day traveling across the border. The majority of the guests just recently heard of Guadalupe Valley and were intrigued as we made our way south.  We were in trusted hands with our wonderful driver Abel and his knowledge about the area.

This trip holds a special place in my heart, since this was the trip I took as a quest several years ago with Christina.  Her enthusiasm and wonderful hostess skills inspired me to pursue this as my new career. 

3b52e9a998230ed0This trip allowed us to take route 1 south towards Ensenada.  The coast line is spectacular, especially as you make the decent towards Ensenada. I have to say the beauty in this area puts a little competition to our highway 1 up in northern California. The roads are smooth and sweeping turns allow more viewing options of the ocean and the rugged shoreline that provides beautiful vistas. The sun was shining and sparkling off the water. We saw the tuna farms with large nets to raise the tuna. This is the signal that we will begin to make our turn east towards the wine country. 

The wine region of Guadalupe Valley has been around since the late 1800s to early 1900s. The largest producer of Mexican wine is LA Cetto which is where we made our first stop for the day. Don Angelo Cetto came to Baja California in 1924 from Italy after surviving WW1. His vision was grand, but the early years yielded poor quality grapes that he used to produce sherry and brandy.  Although not intended to be his final goal, these brandies and sherries were popular during prohibition and provided him with money to continue to experiment and finally to produce the quality of grape he was seeking. This wine making is now in the hands of the 3rd generation and was named in 1985 L.A. Cetto.  They now have 5 labels and have received numerous international wine awards.  Our lunch was amongst the vineyards with grilled steak and chicken, along with wine then followed by more wine. Such a nice way to start a fall afternoon. 

8e7ad24677e452efWe then ventured to Dona Lupe’s for organic tastings of wine, olive oil and jams and jellies. Especially warming was Dona lupe herself behind the counter helping guests. We even received a gracious goodbye before we left. Since my last visit here,  they have expanded with a wonderful store with so many tasting opportunities. Their breads are wonderful. We were treated to a fig filled bread and a cream cheese warmed bread. The best tasting jam was their unique banana jam that was delicious. I haven’t made it yet, but I plan to make a sandwich and pair it with peanut butter.  Lastly, the olive oils were purchased by everyone for wonderful salad 

There are so many things to reflect upon for this day, but the thought that sticks with me was our drive down the dirt roads, among the vineyards and Daytripper guests’ thirst for wine and a nice time with new friends.  There are now about 150 wineries in the area and we checked off two-148 more to go!

patti_4Patti Foley
DayTripper Tour Director
Tour: Wine Tasting in Mexico’s Guadalupe Valley
Date: October 7, 2017


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