September 10, 2018

Catalina Island Daycation Getaway: Good Ol’ Dose of Vitamin Sea

A “Dose of Vitamin ‘Sea’” was administered to 51 DayTripper guests as we set sail for Catalina Island.

Summer didn’t end on Labor Day for DayTripper guests as we enjoyed the waning days of summer on Catalina Island.  A heavy marine layer stayed with us for the 26 mile ride over to the island on the Catalina Flyer.  Well, mother-nature answered our concerns and literally lifted the marine layer and provided us with the sun as we pulled into port.  The sun provided the energy the DayTripper guests needed for a fun-filled-beach-town-kind-of-day.

DayTripper guests scurried off the boat once we were given permission to go ashore.  Once DayTripper guests feet hit the dock, they scattered to start to make the most of the day.  Many guests chose a narrated tour to deepen their understanding of the island’s history.  These tours varied between a bus excursion, a boat excursion or the tour of the wonderful art deco casino that has been providing a meeting place on the island since the 1930s.

Two of guests took part in a bicycle adventure that was new to me.  This tour started with a drive to the top of the mountain and dropped off at the airport on the island.  They then rode the rented bikes down back into Avalon.  The path was a mix of dirt and paved road (the paved road needs a lot of work, just like the mainland).

In between tours and lunch, we were entertained by the US Outrigger competition that took place. This race began in 1959 and continues to this day.  The race takes place on two days: On Saturday, the competitors start the race in Newport and paddle to Avalon which is about a 28 mile route.  On Sunday, the men teams race the outriggers from Avalon back to Newport.  The winning women’s team on Saturday made it to Avalon in 4 hours and 37 seconds.  The winning men’s team on Sunday made it in 3 hours, 46 minutes and 30 seconds.  Both times are impressive especially if you compare it to the race in 1959 where the winning time did it in 5 hours.

The one agenda that all DayTrippers guest participated in was the wonderful lunch opportunities the restaurants have to offer.  One of the island specialties is bison burgers. Naturally, the natural home of the bison are the plains in central US.  However, fourteen bison were “discovered” and brought onto the island in 1924 for a movie shoot.  Unfortunately, these bison had a poor Hollywood agent and their contract didn’t outline guaranteed passage back to the plains.  So they remained on the island.  The herd is closely taken care of by the Catalina Island Conservancy.  Some guests were able to see them on the island bus excursions.

Regardless of the activity that the DayTripper guests partook in for the day, we all embarked on our journey back to the mainland wishing we had more time to participate in the other activities on the island.  Many of our guests for the return trip were the outrigger participants with paddle in hand.  Surprisingly, none of them look that exhausted after paddling for at least 4 hours.  Another successful summer day in the books for DayTripper tours!  Hope to see everyone on the next Catalina Island tour.

patti_4Patti Foley
DayTripper Tour Director
Tour: Catalina Island Daycation Getaway
Date: September 8, 2018


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