November 20, 2017

A Day at the Mystical Salton Sea & San Andreas Fault

sea 6These trips are usually a glimpse into what my future may be but this time my bus ride with DayTripper Tours took me back in time. Tour Director Keri and driver Ernesto pointed the bus north east, back in history, to the Salton Sea. This sea is a huge and shrinking body of salt water that was formed back in 1905 when the Colorado River went rogue for a few months. Eventually the gap was filled and the Salton Sea was born. The place was pretty much deserted so it was easy to find a spot at the picnic tables for our boxed lunches. Afterwards, I walked down to the water. Standing on the shore line, I could only imagine the folks who used to frequent the campsites, picnic tables, trails and the many boats which rolled up and down the ramp to the water. It was a destination place then. Today, it is an opportunity to help nature and rescue the sea from itself. Only time will tell if we are successful.

HB4116Back on the bus, our step on guide, Ken, pointed out various fields of all sorts of crops, the most prevalent being grapes; table grapes. We also passed wind turbines standing like giant solders in precious military formation and solar panels in fields pointing upwards to harness the energy of the sun. Crossing the All-American Canal, we learned that the 82 mile aqueduct sends much needed water from the Colorado River into the Imperial Valley.

Our next stop was a big crack in the earth that all of us in California are very familiar with… The San Andreas Fault line. The two plates are constantly moving and maybe in a few billion years we could be neighbors with San Francisco. We are due for “the big one” but luckily for us, it didn’t happen that day. And I found out that while they call it a “fault line”, there is no actual line in the sand. So I made one. And now you know…

And just before it got dark, we boarded the bus again. Our last comfort stop took us to Hadley Fruit Orchard where we shopped for nuts, snacks and gifts. We headed south and were treated to a beautiful sun set. All too soon, this adventure came to a close. Thanks DayTripper Tours and Keri for another fun trip. Retirement Practice #46 happens next month. I’ll give you one hint. It includes A bazillion Christmas lights. I can’t wait.


DayTripper Traveler Donna Grover
Tour: Salton Sea & San Andreas Fault Experience 

Date: November 16, 2017


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