August 3, 2018

Genghis Khan Exhibit at Reagan Library Nothing Short of Fascinating

I was very excited to be leading guests from Daytripper to the Reagan Presidential Library. Not only was it the first time many of the guests were going to see Presidential Library but they were also going to be able to see the Genghis Khan Exhibition which had over 300 artifacts from 13th century Mongolia. On the way to Simi Valley where the Reagan Library is located someone asked if this was the location of his ranch. I explained “No” his ranch was located about 30 miles North of Santa Barbara. Simi Valley is about 30 miles North of Los Angeles and this location was picked for a couple of reasons which became quite apparent on our drive up to the Library. The Library was built on a hill and as our guests saw once we got there the views from the library stretched for miles and miles. Looking West one could see the Pacific Ocean and surrounding the library were the picturesque Santa Susan Mountains. I cannot think of a prettier spot in Southern California for his library to be placed! Once we arrived our tour provided a catered lunch (grilled lemon herb chicken breast) with vegetables and potatoes beneath the wings of Air Force One in the large hanger. For dessert we had chocolate chip cookies and of course packets of jelly beans!

Our first stop was the Genghis Khan Exhibit. I am glad we had plenty of time because there was a lot to see. On display were maps of the lands he conquered (which was more than Julius Creaser or Alexander the Great) and the trade routes he established with the West. Also displayed were weapons that he would have used in the 13th century such as swords, bows and arrows. The exhibit also showcased the type of body armor that would have been worn by Genghis Kahn and the type of saddles he would have used on his horses. To think these artifacts were over 800 years old was just amazing.

After viewing the Genghis Kahn exhibit we were all excited to view the items in the Reagan Presidential Library. Having been here several times before I always enjoy viewing the awesome exhibits over and over. My two favorite are the replica of the Oval office as it looked exactly when President Reagan occupied it and touring Air Force One. Also available is the helicopter Marine 1 that you can tour and on the back side of the museum there is a piece of the Berlin Wall. Very touching for me was to read some of the private letters that President Reagan wrote his wife Nancy and her responses. You can tell this was a couple who totally admired and loved each other more than anything else in the world.

There is also a special exhibit within the Library that pays homage to the brave men and women of the Secret Service. What fascinated me most about the information on the Secret Service was the amount of time and preparation that goes into preparing a venue for a President’s visit. Often this time frame is 6 weeks or more! Nothing is left to chance. The day ended all too soon but knowing DayTripper they will have another tour to the Reagan Presidential library in the future. Don’t miss it! You won’t be disappointed.

Jan ShieldsJan Shields
DayTripper Tour Manager

Tour: Reagan Presidential Library & Genghis Khan Exhibition
Date: July 14, 2018



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