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Frequently Asked Questions

How are bus seats assigned?

Q. It seems I often get a seat assignment toward the back of the bus, even when I make my reservation several weeks before the tour.  Why is that?

A. Most people like to be seated toward the front of the bus. Obviously, it’s not possible to seat everyone up front, so we’ve devised what we believe is the fairest method for assigning seats. We assign seats on the bus – and in theater venues – from front to back in the order the reservations are made. The only exception to this rule is that travelers with valid disabled placards on file with us automatically receive priority seating ahead of all others, regardless of the date their reservation is made, and are allowed one companion seat next to them.  Some tours fill up many months in advance, so to get a seat closer to the front we recommend that you make your reservation as soon as the tour is published in our catalog.

How do I make a reservation?

Call our reservations department Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5:00PM, or make a reservation request from our web site.

Why is Single Occupancy more expensive than Double Occupancy?

Q: I am interested in traveling on a multiple-day tour, but I don’t have a roommate. The price per person for single occupancy is higher than the price per person for double occupancy. Why are single travelers penalized for traveling alone?

A: Single travelers are never penalized for traveling alone. In reality, the single occupancy fare is the true price of the tour. However, when two people travel together the cost of the hotel room is divided between the two travelers, so the double occupancy fare reflects a lower rate for each. The good news for solo travelers is that on most multiple-day tours we offer a guaranteed room share, which means we’ll pair you with a same-gender, non-smoking roommate, so you can take advantage of the double occupancy rate. If we’re unable to pair you with a roommate, you’ll travel single occupancy at no additional cost. Please note: Roomshare Guarantees are available only on reservations made prior to the tour’s cancellation deadline. We can still try to pair you with another single traveler if you make your reservation after the deadline has passed, but the double occupancy price at that point is no longer provided if a roommate is not secured. In this instance you would initially pay the single supplement and if a roommate became available your single supplement will be refunded.


Why do we make a comfort stop?

Q. Why do we have to make a comfort stop on the way home? Why can’t we just drive through?

A. Our standard policy is to make a comfort stop on every leg of travel that extends for two hours or more. Comfort stops allow the driver and passengers an opportunity to stretch their legs, use the restroom and grab a cup of coffee or quick snack. We understand that for passengers who live in North County, a comfort stop on a Los Angeles tour may seem unnecessary since the stop is only 45 minutes away from their boarding location. However, since all tours originate in El Cajon many people are on the bus an hour or so longer in each direction, which makes the comfort stop necessary for them.

Why do you charge a processing fee when I cancel my reservation?

Whenever you cancel a reservation prior to the cancellation deadline, we charge a nominal processing fee of $5 per person for day trips, and a varying cost for multiple-day tours based on the fare. This fee is necessary to cover the costs we incur as a result of the cancellation, such as credit card processing fees that are nonrefundable to us, postage for mailed confirmations, refund checks, and other expenses. We do not charge this cancellation fee if you leave the funds on your account for future use or apply it to another tour.

If I can’t go on my original travel date can I transfer to another date?

If you are unable to travel on your original travel date, you may transfer to another date provided the transfer is completed on or before your original tour’s cancellation deadline.

Can I get a refund or credit if I have to cancel my reservation?

You can get a refund or credit (less a nominal processing fee) provided you cancel your reservation on or before the cancellation deadline. The last date to cancel your particular tour reservation is communicated to you when your reservation is confirmed and is also shown on your printed tour confirmation. Reservations canceled after their cancellation deadlines are nonrefundable, however, you may give your seat to someone else – you’ll simply need to contact our office so we can update our passenger manifest and other records with the name of the new passenger. Other exceptions are as follows: If you purchased the optional Travel Protection Plan and you need to cancel your reservation due to illness or other covered reasons, the insurance carrier will reimburse you for the tour fare.

What is the policy on tipping Tour Managers and drivers?

The customary gratuity amount for the tour industry is as follows:

  • $6 or more per person for each Tour Manager and driver on one-day tours
  • $10 or more per person for each Tour Manager and driver on multi-day tours

Please keep in mind, the Tour Manager works 12-14 hours on the day of the tour and also spends 4-8 hours preparing narration and researching destinations prior to departure. Because of the long work days and the amount of preparation required for each tour, the Tour Managers are rarely assigned more than three or four day tours per month, so they usually work multiple jobs in order try to make up the equivalent of full-time pay.

On an overnight tour, the Tour Manager is on call 24-hours per day and works hard to coordinate rooming assignments, luggage, work with service providers, prepare and deliver each day’s narration, and deal with unexpected issues that can present themselves at any time, day or night.


However, the practice of tipping is a personal decision and the amount should always be determined by each individual based on the quality of service provided.

Where do we get the tip envelopes for the Tour Manager and driver?

When you make a reservation, you are offered the choice of receiving your confirmation by regular mail or by email. If you choose regular mail, the gratuity envelopes will be included with your confirmation. If you choose to receive your confirmation by email – which is the preferred method – envelopes are available at the entrance to the motor coach.

How does DayTripper Tours reserve theater seats?

Theaters almost always release their seats to subscribers first. Once the subscribers have made their selections, the seats are then opened to groups like DayTripper Tours before the remaining seats go on sale to the general public. Since we have a relationship with the theaters, we receive the best seating available after the subscribers. Our first choice is almost always orchestra seating, and we sometimes provide our customers with seating and pricing options within that section to accommodate their varied preferences and budgets.

Can we bring food aboard the bus?

Yes, you can bring food on board if you like, but we request that you keep it to a minimum. We provide comfort stops every 1-2 hours along the way where you can purchase food if necessary, and we also provide complimentary snacks and beverages on the coach during the trip. Please note that for safety reasons, glass containers are not allowed on the coach.

Why is it that when we get off the bus, it’s usually one side first and then the other side?

In consideration of passengers seated in the rear of the coach, we’ve established a policy of alternating between the curb side and driver’s side when disembarking at each stop. This policy insures that those seated in the back don’t always have to be the last ones off the bus.

What should I do if my seatmate is troublesome?

Talk to your tour director, and if anything can be adjusted they will be happy to assist you. Remember, your tour director is there to make your experience an enjoyable and memorable one.

Can we use cell phones aboard the bus?

As a courtesy to other passengers on board, cell phones should only be used in urgent matters.

Can we request a particular seat on the bus?

Seats are always assigned from front to back in the order in which the reservation is made. However, we can usually honor window, aisle, driver side and curb side requests. The only exception to this rule is that travelers with valid disabled placard numbers will receive priority seating toward the front regardless of when they book.

Why are there no nets or pockets on the backs of the seats like there used to be?

Over the years many charter companys have phased out the nets for a couple of reasons. First, passengers often stuff them with trash, partially full beverage cans, gum wrappers and uneaten food. These items cause staining and damage, making the seatbacks unsighlty and costly to maintian.

Will you be offering more tours to Baja, Mexico?

We currently offer 3 different tours to Baja:

Why don’t you list the bus pickup times for each tour in your catalog?

The reason we don’t publish the pickup times in our catalog is because they sometimes change due to routing adjustments or other unforeseen circumstances. If the pickup times listed in the catalog were to change, it could result in passengers missing the bus due to the incorrect information.

I requested a handicap room with two beds, I got the handicap room but with one king… Why?

Most handicap rooms come with one king because it’s more spacious and accommodating for those with a wheelchair. Rooms with two beds make it challenging to maneuver around the room.

Can you accommodate special meal requests on your tours?

Most restaurants that we use on our tours provide a vegetarian option, and some restaurants are now beginning to offer a gluten-free option as well. But in order to accommodate a large bus group in a limited amount of time, the restaurants narrow group choices down to three or four preselected entrees. Because of these limitations we are not able to accommodate special meal requests on any of our tours. You are always welcome to ask the waiter for minor considerations once you arrive at the restaurant; however, we cannot guarantee those requests will be honored.

Are baggage fees included on overnight excursions?

Baggage fees for the first checked bag for each traveler are included in the tour fare for all DayTripper operated excursions.

What type of motor coaches do you use?

We use late-model, deluxe touring coaches with large picture windows. All of the motor coaches we use have an on-board restroom, air conditioning, reclining seats, foot rests and window shades. The coaches also “kneel” to make getting on and off the coach less strenuous. Although we often receive compliments regarding the comfort of the motor coaches we use, we still recommend bringing along a small head pillow, back support or other comfort item of your choice if you suffer from a specific condition(s) that causes you pain while sitting for extended periods of time. You can leave these items in your seat or place them in the overhead storage bins aboard the coach while enjoying your destination, as your motor coach seat is assigned for the duration of your tour and the driver will always remain with the coach or will lock it if he/she is away. We will also never travel more than two hours without making a comfort stop where all passengers have the opportunity to deboard the coach to stretch their legs and use public restroom facilities.